American Association for
Horsemanship Safety

Is it a problem that most beginner level riders are taught by inexperienced, untrained instructors?

What is being taught to beginners? THE BASICS. What do most advanced instructors make the students do over? THE BASICS.

Suppose a beginnier falls off. Stuff happens- beginners fall. It's part of the process. Suppose in deposition the beginner's - now plantiff's - expert witness testifies that the instructor should have seen (name the balance problem of your choice) and taken the steps that any experienced instructor would have taken to avoid the injury-causing accident.

About 80% of horse related injuries result from falling off of a horse, and inevitably, if you are an instructor, these injuries may result in legal action. AAHS has its basis in the liability law of the 21st century. Its goal is to prevent accidents due to ignorance and incompetence and to show instructors how to be less vulnerable to lawsuits on most issues.

AAHS offers an efficient method for training instructors and teaching riding. It is the only method designed to teach one person how to teach another person to ride - English or Western. Through our intensive certification process and books on horsemanship safety, we can help you become informed with the knowledge you need to be a safe and effective instructor. Additionally, AAHS has referrals to/for attorneys on accidents involving horses and availability of expert witnesses for legal cases.


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