Safety is Safety - but your client base may have special needs. After all, a person who wants to learn to ride at a training barn is much different than a vacationing family who wants to ride a horse on the open trail at a dude ranch. We provide customized clinics and consulting that address the issues of your client base and your equestrian program. We will outline and propose a safe horsemanship solution that's right for you.

Services for Riding Instructors, Trail Guides and Program Directors:

  • Riding Instructor Certification and Education
  • Trail Guide Certification and Education
  • Clinics, Lectures, Workshops and Demonstrations
  • Curriculum and Teaching Materials
  • Best Business Practices
  • Safety and Risk-reduction Programs
  • Insurance Information

Services for Farm, Stable, Camps, Horse Owners & Managers:

  • Facility Safety Check List
  • Structured, Defensible Teaching Programs
  • Workshops and Lectures on Facility Management
  • Safety and Risk-reduction Programs
  • Legal and Insurance Information

Services for Attorneys:

  • Equine Legal Conferences
  • Equine Litigation Education
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Referrals to Attorneys