Jan Dawson, AAHS Co-founder Equestrian Litigation Consultant Jan Dawson has been involved with horses for over 50 years, on a cattle ranch in the flint hills of Kansas, in the hunt country of Virginia, and in Texas and Mexico. She has experience teaching and training in seven western and English disciplines. She and her students have won several championships, as have horses she has trained.

One AC AAHS endorses the use of ONE AC as a nutritional equine feed supplement for the non-sweating (anhidrotic) horse. We have used this product with success for several years in horses that have difficulty sweating as well as in those that have a tendency to heat stress. There is no compensation for this endorsement except for occasional free samples of the product. Made by Magic Powder Company and developed by chemist, Ray Leroy. www.nonsweater.com

Fraser School of Driving, If you have any questions at all about driving, here are the folks to contact -- Fraser School of Driving. Learn to develop better communication skills with your horses. You can be more comfortable, more effective and a safer driver once you learn the basics. Take a Learning Vacation and Experience the Thrill of Driving Horses under the Big Sky of Montana. Become the safe, relaxed, and confident driver your horse will appreciate. www.drivehorses.com

The American Barn Dog Registry Sponsored by the AAHS. All proceeds go to finance the many services provided by our organization. Why be the only stable, farm, ranch, home with a paddock, or city apartment with lots of hope-- without a registered American Barn Dog. These dogs, which come in all shapes and sizes and are sometimes cross-registered, are the stable staple. Every barn has at least one.